BERRY hand-dyed silk satin ribbon


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A deep berry tone, which is a statement on its own. Very soft in touch and more substantial in hand then most silks. Its unique texture will compliment any bouquet or gift. Adding a thin strip of this bold color can really add a highlight to your color palette.

Each ribbon embodies 2 meter long strip of pure silk.
This item is hand-made and created from uniquely combined plant materials.
Corcortez hand-frayed ribbons ensure the softest edge possible. Each batch of our luxury seamless hand-dyed ribbons are dyed in a small quantities. This results in a intricated, yet subtle interaction, meaning colors may vary slightly. This is what makes your ribbon special and one of a kind.


  • Materials: Primary fiber: Silk; Primary fabric type: Satin
  • Length: 2 meters
  • Width: 3 centimeters

Additional information

Dimensions 200 × 3 cm